Center for Drug Discovery and Innovation

Core Facilities

The specialized instrumentation cores and technical expertise within CDDI are focused on protein and small molecule production and the molecular analysis of proteins.

Cell Biology - Isolation and Analysis

The cell biology core provides researchers access to cell sorting and analysis for target characterization and validation.

Chemodiversity Facility

The Chemodiversity Facility serves the USF Drug Discovery Community by supplying samples for screening.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Core Laboratory

NMR core laboratory enables researchers to characterize protein structure at atomic resolution.

Protein Production

Protein production is a significant bottleneck in early phase drug discovery. Two laboratories serve this mission housed in CDDI and COM under the direction of a core director

Proteomics Facility

Proteomics facility houses three mass spectrometers to support large-scale protein identification and characterization as well as quantitative proteomic workflows.

Shared Resources

The CDDI Shared Resources room contains two Steris LG250 Laboratory Steam Sterilizers (autoclaves) for sterilization of glassware and autoclave-resistant plasticware.