Proposal Tools

Proposal Development & Tools

Proposal Development Tools Overview

The tools, templates, and samples included in this substantial Proposal Development Tools section are intended to guide researchers in their completion of the numerous proposal pieces of their grant application.

Budget Development & Tools

Go to our Budget Development & Tools page to identify Budget Categories, use the Budget Template, and search the budget and budget justification samples.

Proposal Completion Tools (except budget)

Visit Proposal Completion Tools to find tools, templates, and samples associated with data management tools, post-doctoral mentoring tools, project abstracts & summaries, intellectual merit descriptions, broader impact descriptions, bio-sketches, facilities & equipment descriptions, current and pending descriptions, graphics and captions, & FastLane Cover pages, funded proposals, and USF internal form (among others).

Pre-Award Compliance

The Pre-Award Compliance section includes tools, templates, and samples associated with proposal regulatory requirements & compliance approvals.

Proposal Submission Checklists

Proposal Submission Checklist from varying funding agencies is included in this section.

USF Institutional Fact Sheet

The USF Institutional Fact Sheet includes data often requested by the sponsor to be inserted somewhere on the proposal.

USF Internal Form

The Internal Form section includes a link to the form, guidelines, screenshot instructions, and sample internal form completions.