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Pre-Award Compliance

Pre-Award Compliance: Proposal Regulatory Requirements & Compliance Approvals

Complete the certification programs required by the University:

  1. USF Internal Form
  2. Register for a new Application for Research Compliance account (ARC) – see video on Introduction/Creating a new ARC account
  3. Complete the Interest Inventory. See the Quick Guide to Completing the Interest Inventory.

Fully disclose to the Unit head financial interests that would reasonably appear to be directly or significantly affect the sponsored project (Conflicts of Interest and commitment with university employment; general Conflict of Interest such as nepotism, doing business with USF in private capacity, Board memberships, and purchasing decisions; and Conflict of Interest in research that may bias the design-conduct or reporting of USF research) and provide updates on an annual basis. Complete the USF Financial Relationships Disclosure Form (Conflict of Interest).

Prepare the appropriate forms and applications to applicable boards/committees if the proposal involves any of the following:

See Forms and Templates for the Biosafety Program, Export Controls, HIPPA Program, Radiation Safety Office, and Scientific Diving Program.

See sample documents/templates related to the above:

  1. Simple Letter of Agreement for Transfer of Materials Template
  2. IRB – Comparison: Characteristics of Human Subject Research vs. Quality Improvement, Program Evaluation, or Class/Student Projects