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Meet the ORS TEAM

Office of Research and Scholarship

CAS-ORS provides support for the development of research proposals and fellowships by assisting researchers in identifying funding sources that align with their research areas, designing and facilitating proposal development workshops, demonstrating applicable strategic tools and resources, performing comprehensive proposal narrative reviews, offering internal awards, and providing solid research infrastructure. In addition to pre-award proposal and post-award grant support, CAS-ORS promotes the research and scholarship success of our faculty, correspondingly increasing our visibility within the university, our local community stakeholders, and our national and international peers.

Randy Larsen, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of Research, CAS

Proposal Narrative Review/Revision & Project Coordination

Dianne Donnelly, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean of Research, CAS

  • Performs grant proposal narrative reviews
  • Provides revision suggestions to strengthen proposal narratives
  • Aligns proposal narratives with funding agency mission guidelines
  • Designs and updates CAS-ORS website
  • Provides multidisciplinary and collaborative project coordination

Research Performance Metrics Analytics

Carissa Vetromile, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean of Research, CAS

  • Provides data analytics with regards to funding within CAS as well as other USF units
  • Monitors national funding trends and federal budget trends toward science investment
  • Provides research profiles and updates for CAS departments
  • Monitors and provides periodic reports on CAS research ranking metrics
  • Identifies funding sources that target CAS Research Areas of Excellence
  • Identifies faculty teams for interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary proposals
  • Facilitates CAS Internal Awards program

CAS ORS Financial Management

Kevin Williams
Budget Analyst

  • Recommends policies and procedures for CAS Research Administration operations
  • Develops and delivers training materials to promote best practices and enhance consistency across all CAS academics units
  • Serves as the initial contact for CAS URAs as it relates to complex funding situations, new faculty/Chair on-boarding, the transfer of grants to and from USF, projects with multiple subcontracts, cost share obligations, Research Initiative Accounts (RIA), and faculty startup funds.
  • Serves as a member of the CASDO Budget Team, reporting directly to the CAS Budget Director and working closely with the Associate Dean of Research, the CAS Office of Research and Scholarship (ORS).
  • Serves as a consultant and trainer for Unit Research Administrators (URAs) in the College of Arts and Sciences for research-related budget and finance matters
  • Acts as a liaison between unit Principal Investigators, Sponsored Research, and Research Financial Management for the administration of grants and contracts
  • Manages CAS startup commitments, develops and maintains tracking system for College of Arts and Sciences, and liaisons with VP Areas, regarding CAS faculty commitments
  • Posts transfers for CAS startup funding in financial system, uploads startup funds in budget system (Axiom/BBS) for new fiscal year, and posts budget transfers for budget categories as needed

ORS Unit Research Administration

Erin Jensen, MBA
Director, Research Administration

Karissa Dailey, CRA-Advanced
Senior Unit Research Administrator

  • Provides oversight, training, and support for CAS URAs
  • Serves as liaison support to URAs on St. Pete and Sarasota campuses
  • Provides pre- and post-award support (URA) to faculty as needed, including,
    • Ensuring grant proposals are in alignment with sponsor guidelines
    • Assisting with the creation and verification of proposal budgets and budget justifications
    • Assisting with USF Internal Forms and Conflict of Interest Inventories (eCOI)
    • Serving as liaison between faculty and the Department of Sponsored Research for all proposal and award questions, compliance verifications, and additional information
  • Assists with internal award submissions to the Office of Research and Innovation
  • Assists faculty with fiscal management of startups, internal awards, and RIA funds in collaboration with department staff

Environmental Conservation Outreach, Research, and Education (ECORE) System

Nicole Brand

  • Manages and promotes environmental and conservation spaces on the USF Tampa campus
    • Identifies and coordinates interdisciplinary leadership teams to enhance environmental and conservation assets
    • Develops and manages Strategic Plan for ECORE System spaces in alignment with USF Strategic Plan
    • Develops and oversees USF Botanical Gardens long-term operations
    • Manages and promotes the conservation and environmental assets with the USF campus
    • Serves as a liaison to the Forest Preserve Advisory Board for research, education, and use requests
    • Coordinates with local and regional partners to plan prescribed burns and other long-term land management needs 

CAS Facility Management

Bruce Smith
Senior Facility Manager
SNSM - Sciences & Mathematics

  • Allocates space to CAS departments
  • Works with USF facilities management to maintain health of buildings and surroundings
  • Works with USF facilities management, hired contractors, and CAS department representatives on minor projects dedicated to and funded by CAS departments
  • Oversees CAS building supervisors as they help communicate university announcements and implement USF building initiatives
  • Coordinates access control (keys, cards, etc.)
  • Coordinates with USF police, library, parking, food services, etc.