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Unit Research Administrators (URAs) provide essential pre-award and post-award support for CAS faculty.

Let your URA know as early as possible in the pre-award process that you are planning or developing a grant proposal as s/he can assist  you with many of the pre-award activities to include checking compliance requirements, reviewing agency guidelines, linking you to the ORS proposal narrative review assistance, preparing the budget, completing the proposal form set, collecting supporting documents, assembling the complete application package, and submitting the proposal to Sponsored Research. 

Your URA can also provide post-award support to include completing the Grant Budget Release (GBR), coordinating the receiving of the award number, completing and submitting a FAST Workflow Request, completing compliance forms. managing the budget, and completing the final award closeout.  

Oversight, training, and support for CAS URAs are provided by Director, Research Administrator Erin Jensen, MBA and Senior Research Administrator Karissa Dailey. Both serve as liaison support to URAs.    

CAS URAs are listed alphabetically by department. 


Liliya Martsynyuk, Pre-Award & Post-Award URA                                          liliya1@usf.edu  Tampa campus                                                                                     


Erin Jenson, Interim URA. Pre-Award & Post-Award URA                                         erin10@usf.edu, Tampa campus                                                                     

centers & institutes

Interim URA

Erin Jenson, Pre-Award URA                                                                                            erin10@usf.edu, Tampa campus

Molecular biology

Lisa Clarke, Pre-Award URA                                                                                              Laclarke1@usf.edu,  Tampa campus

Shae Krispinsky, Post-Award URA                                                                                  skrispinsky@usf.edu  Tampa campus                                                            


Rachel Douberly, Pre-Award & Water Institute URA                                                  redouberly@usf.edu  Tampa campus     

Christiana Giles, Post-Award URA                                                                          clgiles@usf.edu Tampa campus                                                                                     

Integrative biology (IB)

Jessica Wilson, Pre-Award & Post-Award URA                                                              normanj@usf.edu  Tampa campus                                              

mathematics & Statistics

Matthew Harris, Pre-Award & Post-Award URA                                                          remington2@usf.edu  Tampa campus                                                                            813-974-9530


Nirmala (Sharon) Joseph, Pre-Award & Post-Award URA                                          nirmala@usf.edu  Tampa campus                                                                                  813-974-7284


Jessica Wilson, Pre-Award & Post-Award Interim URA                                      normanj@usf.edu, Tampa campus      

Rachel Douberly, Pre-Award & Post-Award Interim URA                                     redouberly@usf.edu, Tampa campus   

school of humanities (shum)

  • English

  • History

  • Religious Studies

  • Philosophy

  • Communication

  • Humanities & Cultural Studies

  • World Language

Adriana Martinez, Pre-Award & Post-Award URA                                                    adrianam1@usf.edu  Tampa Campus                                                    

School of social sciences (SSS)

  • Economics

  • Information

  • Interdisciplinary Global Studies

  • Journal & Digital Communication

  • Mass Communications & Advertising

  • Public Affairs

  • Sociology & Interdisciplinary Social Sciences

  • Woman's Gender & Sexuality Studies

  • Florida Institute of Government (FIOG)

  • School of Public Affairs (SPA)

Adriana Martinez, Pre-Award & Post-Award URA                                                      adrianam1@usf.edu  Tampa Campus                                                                          

St. petersburg cas campus

Diana Scarpa, Pre-Award & Post-Award URA                                                    dscarpa@usf.edu  St. Pete Campus 

Rachel Clark, Pre-Award & Post-Award URA                                                  reclark@usf.edu  St. Pete Campus