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Research and Scholarship within the College of Arts and Sciences

The challenges faced by societies in the 21st century are staggering. Poverty, access to clean water, energy sustainability, global change, civil equality, religion, access to education on a global scale, hunger, and sustainable human health are only a few of the critical issues facing societies this century. Improving the human condition requires a deep understanding of the factors giving rise to the various deleterious issues that prevent societal advancement as well as the relationships between these factors.

Such understanding coupled with technological advancements made through research in both pure and applied science and technology will ultimately lead to interventions that will enhance our overall quality of life. Research and scholarship within the College of Arts and Sciences will continue to addresses the broad spectrum of global challenges through interdisciplinary, cross-disciplinary and transdisciplinary efforts supported through both federal funding and the private sector. Research and scholarship efforts within the College of Arts and Sciences encourage an entrepreneurial spirit that contributes to the regional economic development and an enhancement of education at levels throughout our community.