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Shared Resources

Shared Resources Core


The CDDI Shared Resources room contains two Steris LG250 Laboratory Steam Sterilizers (autoclaves) for sterilization of glassware, autoclave-resistant plasticware and other items, as well as for biomedical waste treatment prior to disposal into the biomedical waste bins located within this room. A Labconco SteamScrubber (dishwater) equipped with a flask scrubber rack and racks for holding beakers and other glassware is available for cleaning labware, with final cycle consisting of a de-ionized (DI) water rinse. Type I laboratory-grade DI water is available at the tap located at the dishwashing sink. A Barnstead E-pure water system is plumbed into our DI water system, which also supplies type-1 DI lab-grade water, but this system contains additional filtration/polishing cartridges to remove organics at this water supply source (D5028 4-cartridge set). Flaked ice is available from our Scotsman icemaker. Other shared items include a mop/bucket, broom/dust pan, stepladder and hand truck. A compressed gas cylinder cart is also available — but typically kept in the Proteomics facility.

Please see Nelly Resendiz in IDRB 303, (813) 974-0274 to arrange a training session prior to using either of the autoclaves or for any other questions regarding our shared resources.