Technology Transfer

For Industry

The Technology Transfer Office is responsible for the development, protection, and utilization of intellectual property rights, as well as a liaison of cooperative ventures the University of South Florida undertakes with business and industry in the promotion of technology transfer and the commercial expansion of intellectual property.

Startup Companies

The Technology Transfer Office promotes and facilitates business development and entrepreneurship by bringing researchers together with experienced entrepreneurs and investors to form companies for the purpose of commercializing USF technologies. Our office is dedicated to helping to create and foster new start-up companies that will create jobs and provide mutually beneficial relationships to advance researchers' technology and to bring their services into the marketplace for the public good. If you are interested in working with or learning more about start-ups based on USF technology, please review our list of startup companies. If you are an entrepreneur interested in reviewing technologies for a potential start-up company, we invite you to browse our licensing opportunities.

Available Technologies

If you are interested in licensing opportunities available at USF, we invite you to browse our technologies for available licensing opportunities.

Should you find a licensing opportunity or start-up opportunity that fits your needs, please contact our office.

Licensing Process

If you are interested in pursuing the licensing of a USF technology please contact our office. If the technology has not yet been published or granted by the United States Patent & Trademark Office, a Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) may be executed by the university and any interested commercial party to authorize further evaluation. When a suitable commercial partner is identified, our team will negotiate terms and conditions of an agreement on a case-by-case basis.

Funding Resources

The Technology Transfer Office works closely with university start-ups to help identify and assist with funding and partnership opportunities such as: state funded grant or matching programs, SBIRs/STTRs, and arranging angel or VC presentation opportunities. There are many sources of outside funding that can help assist entrepreneurs and small companies. For more information, please visit our Funding Resources Page.

TTO Resources

Information regarding affiliated organizations and various additional resources associated with TTO. To view additional resources, please visit our Resources Page.