Research Administrators

For Inventors

Technology Transfer Office (TTO)

The Technology Transfer Office (TTO) works with companies interested in licensing or starting a new business around USF patents and intellectual property, and with USF researchers and students to ready new inventions for the patenting process and potential licensing opportunities.


USF CONNECT focuses on the needs of Tampa Bay's technology and bio/life sciences entrepreneurs, providing the facilities, partners and resources for successful business development, including access to technologies, workforce programs, technology commercialization, critical research equipment, incubator facilities, faculty researchers, student interns, and a matching grants program.

NSF I-Corps @ USF

NSF I-Corps is a public-private partnership program that teaches university entrepreneurs to identify valuable product opportunities that can emerge from academic research and offers entrepreneurship training to participants. USF is an I-Corps Site, geared for developing potential I-Corps Team projects and providing an entrepreneurial training program for faculty and graduate student teams to assess their business potential.

National Academy of Inventors (NAI)

The NAI honors academic invention; recognizes and encourages inventors; enhances the visibility of university and non-profit research institute technology and innovation; encourages the disclosure of intellectual property; educates and mentors innovative students; and translates the inventions of its members to benefit society.

Florida Inventors Hall of Fame

The Florida Inventors Hall of Fame honors and celebrates those inventors whose achievements have advanced the quality of life for Floridians, our state and our nation.