Research Administrators


For Research Administrators

Links to the Academy of Certified Research Administrators, USF system tools, administration tools, forms, policies, and reports.

For Researchers

Resources for researchers at USF. FacultyOne-Stop provides USF researchers with one-stop quick references for each phase of the research administration life cycle with links to forms, tools and training. The USF System's research incentive program rewards our faculty members for their extra effort in submitting proposals for high-value research grants.

Funding Tools

Resources to help researchers find funding opportunities and potential collaborators.


Reporting on USF research contracts, grants, proposals, funding, and active awards.

Safety & Compliance

Research Integrity & Compliance partners with researchers to promote safe and ethical research practices at USF, and ensure the university is compliant with federal regulations, state statutes, and university policies.

Education & Training

Workshops, training, certifications, seminars, and professional research administration education.