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Academic Analytics

We recognize that the ability to search funding opportunities, connect with faculty, and access scholarly data is critical to the USF research enterprise. For that reason we have taken measures to ensure that a resource to provide those functions is available to USF faculty and staff who wish to use it.

Effective May 1, 2021, USF Research and Innovation ended its relationship with COS/Pivot.

Academic Analytics provides powerful data and analysis tools that help universities reach their research potential. USF uses Academic Analytics to allow faculty to find each other, form research networks and compare our programs to our peer list of institutions. The Academic Analytics Database contains scholarly data on over 275,000 faculty members at over 400 US-based research universities. The data includes research grants, honorific awards, articles, books, conference proceedings, and more.

Within the Academic Analytics suite, Faculty Insight is a search tool that enables scholars to find targeted funding opportunities and experts at their institution. Scholar profiles are populated with recent activity sourced from Academic Analytics data; some institutions opt to supplement this with institutional data. This includes articles, books, grants, awards, conference proceedings, and patents. In addition to being able to make corrections and additions to their data, scholars can also add additional activity not currently captured.

Learn more about the Academic Analytics suite and the Faculty Insight Portal.

Your COS/Pivot profile and saved keywords and searches will not automatically transition to Academic Analytics, so we encourage you to take the opportunity to explore Academic Analytics, in particular Faculty Insights, to establish your profile and relevant search terms so you do not experience a gap in the identification of potential funding opportunities that may be relevant to you.

USF Internal Awards Program

The mission of the Internal Awards Program is to foster excellence in research and scholarship by USF faculty and support activities aimed at securing extramural funding. It typically is administered in two cycles annually through Sponsored Research. USF Internal Awards are open to all faculty at the University of South Florida.

Faculty Honors, Prizes, and Awards

For honors, prizes, and awards recognized by the Association of American Universities (AAU), Top American Research Universities (TARU), National Research Council (NRC), and other prestigious national and international awards in different disciplines please see our Faculty Awards website.


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