Goal Five 
A strong, sustainable, and adaptable financial base

To practice continuous visionary planning and sound stewardship throughout USF to ensure a strong and sustainable financial base and adapt proactively to emerging opportunities in a dynamic environment.

Objectives & Measures of Success

5A. Design and implement a strategic, transparent, and predictable budget model

  • Implementation of a transparent and predictable budget model
  • Established action plans based on the survey input of unit leaders on their perception of the strategic nature, transparency, and predictability of the model

5B. Diversify and sustain financial revenue streams to support programs and operations in a dynamic environment

  • Enhanced alumni, community, and legislative relations to bolster awareness of distinctive strengths of each campus, increase advocacy and leverage partnerships ensuring a strong and sustainable financial base
  • Improved alumni giving rate
  • Diversification of financial revenue streams
  • Strengthened supplier diversity

5C. Ensure cost-effective and strategic use of resources in support of the university’s mission

  • Enhanced strategic revenue alignment
  • Optimized implementation of investments and and maximization of institutional assets

5D. Streamline processes for effective implementation of the university’s strategic mission

  • Optimization of time and cost of key processes vital to the mission of USF (e.g., hiring, MOU approval, research contract approval, etc.)
  • Increased effectiveness in digitalization of university operations
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2022-2027 (PDF)

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