Goal Four 
A diverse and inclusive community for learning and discovery

To provide a safe, inclusive, and vibrant community for learning, discovery, creative activities, and transformative experiences enabled through adaptive design of physical, social, and digital environments.

Objectives & Measures of Success

4A. Recruit and retain diverse faculty, staff, and students

  • Enhanced diverse student enrollment and degree production
  • Expanded community partnerships
  • Increased diverse faculty and staff

4B. Enhance academic programs and curricula to be inclusive of diverse perspectives

  • Increase in enhanced general education courses designed to address diverse perspectives
  • Expanded workshops and learning opportunities for faculty and staff to promote inclusivity, equitability, critical thinking and diversity of thought

4C. Increase and sustain the availability of flexible/adaptive instructional environments and research workspaces aligned equitably with unique campus needs to promote access and success

  • Advanced infrastructure designed to promote access and success to a population with varying abilities
  • Enhanced digital infrastructure designed to promote access and success

4D. Foster a positive employee experience that embraces a dynamic workplace environment

  • Enhancement in positive employee experiences
  • Improved workplace learning opportunities promoting professional growth and work-life balance

4E. Strengthen the university community through shared/collaborative experiences such as the arts, athletics, sustainability initiatives, and with alumni stakeholders

  • Increased collaborative university community activities
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