Goal Two 
Faculty excellence in research and innovation

To conduct high-impact research and innovation to advance frontiers of knowledge, solve global problems, and improve lives.

Objectives & Measures of Success

2A. Enhance institutional infrastructure and operational excellence for faculty success in research and innovation

  • Increased research and development expenditures
  • Increased postdoctoral appointees
  • Increased non-faculty S&E research staff with doctorates
  • Enhanced faculty profile (i.e., percent tenured/tenure-track faculty; the proportion of full-time faculty with the highest degree; percent of full-time faculty)

2B. Foster strategic collaborative research and innovation that is highly impactful and transformative

  • Enhanced collaborative research activities and partnerships
  • Enhanced collaborative scholarly activity

2C. Increase impact and recognition of research and innovation

  • Improved citation impact
  • Increased faculty awards
  • Augmented economic impact of research funding
  • Elevated programs to the top quartile of the disciplinary field

2D. Identify and support areas for cross-collaboration between colleges while leveraging the distinctive identities of each of USF’s campus communities

  • Increased external grants/contracts with faculty and/or students between colleges
  • Increased publications with faculty and/or students between colleges
  • Increased number of funded research projects with faculty and/or students between colleges
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2022-2027 (PDF)

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