Goal Three 
Partnerships and engagement with local, national, and global impact

To be a major social and economic engine creating robust global, national, and regional partnerships to build a prosperous and sustainable future for our regional communities and the state of Florida.

Objectives & Measures of Success

3A. Strengthen and grow existing partnerships and/or establish new mutually beneficial partnerships

  • Strengthened corporate and community partnerships based on the distinctive strengths of each of USF’s campus communities
  • Deepened national partnerships
  • Expanded global partnerships

3B. Build a culture of entrepreneurship at USF

  • Expanded corporate and professional training and continuing education courses offered to the community
  • Increased start-up companies
  • Growth in licenses and options
  • Increased patents awarded

3C. Enhance USF’s footprint through national and global partnerships

  • Expanded national and international academic transfer/articulation agreements
  • Increased Fulbright Scholars
  • Extended student participation in global experiences
  • Increased collaborative national and international scholarly activity while strengthening processes to protect intellectual assets
  • Enhancement in international students enrolled (i.e., number of international students enrolled)

3D. Enhance USF's engagement with our communities through university-community partnerships

  • Expanded partnerships to address community health care
  • Expanded partnerships with PreK-12 school systems
  • Expanded partnerships with businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies
  • Expanded opportunities for career upskilling and reskilling for post-university graduates
  • Increased noncredit courses and other continuing educational activities
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2022-2027 (PDF)

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