USF Cares Resource Fair

The University of South Florida provides countless resources and services for students across departments to help them achieve academic success! The USF Cares Resource Fair is the perfect opportunity for any student to come out and learn about all of the services they have access to, in order to propel them towards a bright future. 

Listed below are some of the many resources that will be showcased at the fair and are available on campus all year long. 

Dean of Students
The mission of the Dean of Students Office is to support student learning and development through community building, advocacy, and student engagement.

Victim Advocacy and Violence Prevention
The Center for Victim Advocacy provides free and confidential services to USF students, faculty, and staff. We serve men, women, and people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expression who have experience crime, violence or abuse on or off campus either recently or in the past.

Center for Student Involvement
The Center for Student Involvement contributes to student success through quality involvement opportunities, education, and advising, which foster USF pride, global leaders, and holistic student development.

Office of Academic Advocacy
The Office of Academic Advocacy (OAA) is dedicated to serving undergraduate students in their pursuit of timely progression to graduation. We work individually with students in academic distress to review their options, and we collaborate with academic departments, colleges and university personnel to improve retention and progression to graduation. Undergraduate students identified as experiencing barriers to retention, progression or graduation may receive direct outreach from OAA to review their progress and to advise them towards graduation.

New Student Connections
The mission of NSC is to cultivate community, foster a sense of belonging, and provide individualized support so each person; feels cared for and that they matter, sees possibilities and hope, and accesses knowledge and resources here at USF. We have an empowered, well-trained caring staff and student leaders who invest their time and energy to support USF students and families.

Resource Management & Development
Resource Management & Development (RMD) provides high quality, cost-effective financial, travel, and human resources support services to departments and organizations in Student Success.

Bull2Bull Financial Education
The Bull2Bull Financial Education Program (B2B) is a peer to peer financial education program. It is designed to enhance the financial wellness of undergraduate students. B2B is grounded in research and current trends that support the use of a peer-to-peer education model as a method of increasing knowledge and financial awareness.

Student Outreach & Support
The office of Student Outreach & Support (SOS) helps students manage life stressors that can impact academics and personal well-being. SOS enhances student success by identifying needs, removing barriers and reducing distress. After receiving a referral for services, the office helps students through a variety of interventions, university services, community referrals and case management.

Student Health Services
Whether you are sick or injured, managing a chronic health problem, or working to develop a healthier lifestyle, Student Health Services (SHS) is here to help! We would like your visits at our clinic to be valuable, as it is the mission of SHS to provide students with high-quality health care and education to strengthen student learning and promote lifelong success through health and wellness.

Center for Student Well-Being
Take care of yourself and be your best while at USF! We provide services and resources to help you develop life-long healthy habits, stay well-balanced, and be successful in college. The Center for Student Well-Being offers workshops, presentations, and awareness campaigns on wellness topics relevant to your life.

Academic Success Center
The ASC is comprised of three major sub-centers, the Tutoring Hub, SMART Lab, and the Writing Studio. Within these sub-centers, tutoring and learning assistance occurs for over 10,000 students per year over the course of +100,000 visits, while also offering courses and other programs designed to include a variety of modalities and interact with students at every level of education at USF.