Religious & Spiritual Life

The Religious & Spiritual Life (RSL) at USF is a network of member faith communities committed to an agreed upon set of ethical standards. We provide access to programs, services, and activities that encourage a campus atmosphere of healthy religious and spiritual expression. This is accomplished through meetings, resources allocation, and collaboration between member organizations and the Student Success division.

The RSL shall be a forum for the sharing of information and viewpoints helpful for the common task of the spiritual development of students at USF. As such, it shall serve as an official point of contact between the campus religious communities and the Student Success division.

The RSL's commitment to the students at USF:

  •  We recognize your right to practice your faith according to the dictates of your conscience.
  • We recognize your right to be informed about your faith in a spirit that is free from pressure, coercion or manipulation.
  • We recognize your right to say “no” to unwanted or intrusive proselytism and religious hard-sell.
  • We recognize your right to privacy – therefore, we will not visit you without your permission.
  • We recognize your right to know what religious organization you’re dealing with upfront with no hidden agendas or secret affiliations.


The Religious and Spiritual Life at USF is an organization of religious professionals who have come together from a wide variety of religious traditions to serve the student body at USF. Each organization commits to a set of guidelines that serve to protect the students at USF and facilitate their spiritual development.

Spiritual & Religious Organizations
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Baptist Collegiate Ministries


Jay Sanders,

We are a community with a purpose. A place where college students come together to ask questions, explore who Jesus Christ is and search for something bigger than themselves...something that's beyond their busy worlds of homework, stress, work and ideas of success. From our weekly worship experience, to intramurals, to trips that take you halfway around the world, we are a passionate community that journeys through life together.



Thursday night at 6pm 

Bhakti Yoga Society


Randy Meier (Ramiya) and Pam Meier (Ananta)

Seeking a full spiritual experience?  We teach & practice yoga, mantra meditation & Hare Krishna Kirtan – musical group mantra meditation. Explore the depth of pure ancient science from Bhagavad Gita of your identity as pure spiritual being.  Enjoy vegetarian food and learn how to prepare it.  We meet in a group weekly in Marshall Student Center to learn and experience these most powerful spiritual practices and why they work so powerfully.  
Catholic Student Center


Fr. Kyle Bell,

The USF Catholic Student Union is a home for you to discover or continue in your Catholic faith. We welcome you to journey with our community of disciples as we grow in our life-long friendship with Jesus Christ. Please join us for weekend and daily Masses, community prayer, on-campus Bible studies, Catholic Bulls Nights, Men’s & Women’s Group, and much more! We also have faith-based housing – Bellarmine Newman Hall – right across from campus.


Weekend and daily Masses,

Chabad on Campus Jewish Student Center



Rabbi Pinny Backman, Executive Director

Mrs. Chava Backman, Director

Chabad at USF serves as a home away from home for the students at USF. We provide a home where every student feels comfortable regardless of their Jewish affiliation. Some highlights at Chabad are our famous Birthright trips to Israel, Free Friday Night Home-made Shabbat dinners, Holiday programs and events, Sinai Scholars Society, Greek Programs and much more!   


John  Schneider,
Campus Director 

Cru is a worldwide Christian campus ministry. At USF our movement consists of a community where students can connect to one another and Jesus, grow in these relationships, and be a part of impacting USF and the world beyond with God’s love. There are many ways to experience life with Cru including Cru Connect weekly meeting, discipleship groups, worship, parties, intramurals, retreats, mission trips, etc. We’d love to have you join us!

Wednesday 7:30pm 
St. Anselm’s Episcopal Chapel Center


Rev. Scott Nonken, Chaplain


Empowered by the love of Jesus Christ for ALL, St. Anselm’s Episcopal Chapel Center welcomes YOU! Whoever you are, and wherever on your journey, you’re invited to join us for weekly worship in the Episcopal-Anglican tradition, Christian Education and community fellowship with meals. Meet us in the chapel on Thursdays at 6:30pm. Sunday evening services offered the first Sunday of every month at 5:00pm —visit our website for updates. We are committed to nurturing the spiritual formation and wholeness of individuals through the proclaimed and embodied Gospel. Our chaplain is available for pastoral care support by appointment. Meet us in the chapel on Thursdays at 6:30pm. Sunday evening services offered the first Sunday of every month at 5:00pm

Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship


Pastors Steven and Kasey Widner

Chi Alpha is a campus ministry that exists to be a place of belonging for USF students, and a place to safely explore your beliefs. We want to be with you every step of the way, and be a home away from home!

(612) 382-4172
Tuesday night in the MSC 2709
Cornerstone Student Fellowship



Pete Saucedo,

We are a student organization whose purpose is to provide an opportunity for Christ- centered fellowship. Events include parties, sports days and community service.

You can reach us at Bulls Connect for more information.


Hillel Jewish Student Center


Rabbi Ed Rosenthal, Executive Director/ Campus Rabbi

Linda Wolf,
Assistant Director

Sylvie Feinsmith, Program Director

Brady Goldstein, Engagement Associate

Hillel Jewish Student Center is the gateway for Jewish life at USF whose mission is to provide for the social, spiritual, political and educational needs of our students through community service projects, Israel activism, Shabbat and holiday celebrations, leadership opportunities and lots of fun. Fridays at 6:30pm
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship


Erica Cannon InterVarsity is a Jesus Centered movement of missional community seeking to give every USF student and faculty a space to respond to Jesus.



Thursday 7:30 pm 
The Navigators @USF



Rachel Christofel, Campus Directors The Navigators are a non-denominational community pursuing deep relationships with God and authentic friendships, as we impact USF and the world for Christ. Join us Wednesdays at 8pm for our large group community and worship night! Wednesdays at 8pm 
Reformed University Fellowship


Aldo Mondin, Campus Minister RUF is a gospel-centered student organization connecting students to Jesus Christ and to one another, while seeking to serve our campus, the community and the world.


Tuesdays at 7:00pm

The Harbor at USF


Pastor: Chris Stephen

Coordinator: Lara McCay

The Harbor at USF exists for students to encounter, be equipped and be empowered by Jesus to engage students for Jesus. We develop this by gathering together on Tuesday nights for our main gathering as well as smaller community groups throughout the week.

Hours of operation: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (1pm-5pm)

Worship Gathering: Tuesday: (8pm-10pm)

Young Life College at USF

Caroline Tankersley, Director

Whether looking for faith or just a place to have fun and laugh, YL College is for every one. We offer community through YL Club and small groups, camp trips and leadership opportunities on campus or at surrounding area middle and high schools. We provide a place of acceptance and friendships for all students.


Wednesday nights at 7:44pm


Professionals on Call

Each month a Religious & Spiritual Life professional is on call to assist with any campus emergencies or crisis. Please contact the person on call as needed.

Religious & Spiritual Life Professionals
Name Contact Month
John Schneider 813-732-5963 September
Erik Seise 904-403-8938 October
Alissa Holcomb 813-389-0355 November
Pinny Backman 813-440-1055 December
Alexa Idux 850-781-9979 January

If you are interested in speaking with someone from a particular religious denomination or faith perspective, please click on the "Who We Are" link to get the complete listing of Religious & Spiritual Life members.

Interested in becoming a member? See the requirements for membership and learn how to join Religious & Spiritual Life (RSL) at USF.