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Student Organization Resources

There are a number of great resources at your disposal to help you navigate processes, procedures and to support organization success. This page is updated often.

Important Documents


  • Student Government Bulls Media HYPE Graphic Design Services - FREE assistance open to all student organizations including graphic design and marketing consultations; can be utilized for general organization promotion, logo design, recruitment focused promotion, event promotion including print, digital and social media graphics
  • Mail Services - The CLCE can accept mail on your behalf, however not send mail on your behalf. When you receive mail, we will contact your president to have it picked up. You or another organization officer are expected to pick it up in the provided time frame.
  • USF Print Center - Student organizations have access to utilize the USF Print Center for their printing needs. Organizations can get up to $300 worth of printing for free. The Print Center on-campus is located on the first floor of the Marshall Student Center (MSC 1505), near the USF Pharmacy. For more information on their services, visit their location or email

Forms and Processes

  • Bank Letter Request Form - Utilize this form when updating or opening a bank account with USF Federal Credit Union; letters are provided in electronic form
  • Facilities Management Signage Request Form - Open to student organizations and office/departments to gain approval to utilize A-Frame and Yard Sign signage on-campus
  • MSC Accountable Officer Form - MSC Accountable Officers are the members of your organization who will be responsible for making reservations at the MSC and meeting with your MSC Event Planner to discuss the details for your upcoming MSC Events. MSC Accountable Officers are potentially not same as the Financial Officers for SBS.

BullsConnect Support

Check out the support resources on the Student Organization Workspace page for BullsConnect to understand how to manage the features on your organization's profile.

Student Business Services

Student Business Services (SBS) is a bureau of Student Government (SG) and is a unit of the Student Affairs and Student Success Shared Services Center. SBS manages the Activity & Service Fee on behalf of the student body. Student Government is vested with allocation authority and SBS assists funded student government entities and student organizations in utilizing allocations. SBS also manages inventory, travel, compliance, and various services.

SBS offers budget requests for student organizations, requests for off-campus events, applications for travel or homecoming grants, as well as training and information sessions! 

SBS and SG allocate funds to student organizations through the Activity and Service Fee! Student organizations have to submit their annual budget request by the last Friday of January. Budget forms are released on the first day of the Spring semester.

SBS is a great resource for student organizations to use, and you can find out more about SBS on their website.

Important Contacts

General Organization Inquires and Questions
Student Business Services - Organization Help
Event Planning Team - Marshall Student Center
USF Information Technology Live Online Support
USF Print Center