When We Can Help

You should visit the Ombuds Office if...

  • You are not sure where to go for help
  • You have a problem, concern, complaint, or dispute you want to discuss informally
  • You would like to talk to someone confidentially
  • You are unsure of USF policies or procedures that relate to your problem
  • You would like to know what resources or options are available to you
  • You feel a policy or procedure is not being followed fairly
  • You have identified issues or trends you would like USF to address


Here are some things you should know before you visit the Ombuds Office:

  • We intend to abide by the International Ombudsman Association's Standards of Practice. The principles of confidentiality, impartiality, independence, and informality are essential to the function of the Office.
  • Your visit to the Ombuds Office is completely voluntary. When you visit the Office, you agree to respect and abide by the principles by which it operates and to not call the Ombuds to testify in formal or legal proceedings.
  • Your confidentiality is important. Any personal working notes taken during the visit will be destroyed at the closing of your case. No formal records that would identify you as a visitor are kept in the Ombuds Office.
  • Student on all three USF campuses can access ombuds services by contacting us at 813-974-0835 or ombuds@usf.edu.