Using Your Accommodations

Students - Scheduling Exams

AccessSDS provides access for students to obtain their SDS Accommodation Letters, schedule accommodated exams, and schedule appointments with a coordinator.

Instructor - FAQ

Commonly asked questions about submitting exams online through Access SDS. How to extend test time in CANVAS.

Students - Final Exam Scheduling

If your final exam is not listed on your course syllabus, use these following steps: Step 1, click on Common Finals link. If your course is on this list, your final exam date and time will be listed next to your course. If not, go to Step 2. Non-common Finals link. On this list, locate the day(s) and time your course meets. Your final exam date and time is listed next to your course meeting day(s) and time.

Tips for Success

Gain insight from USF Alumni about using accommodations and other helpful information.