USF offers a variety of academic support options to assist you with your course work. Many of the services below are free to students.

Johnson Scholarship Hub

The Johnson Scholarship, funded by the Johnson Scholarship Foundation, is a competitively awarded program available to undergraduate students with a disability(ies) enrolled in a State University System of Florida institution. Deadline is 1 May 2024

Academic Success Center

Drop in Tutoring. Located in the Tampa campus library, this service is free to all students. Tutors are available for many general education subjects including math, science, foreign language, and writing.


The Science, Math, and Research Technology Lab or SMART Lab is equipped with 324 computer workstations to provide a hands-on learning space geared toward improving student performance in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) related coursework.

Writing Center

Have a writing task to accomplish? Need someone to talk to about your writing? Consult an experienced graduate student at the Writing Center.

Resources for taking exams

The sooner you start preparing for your first test the better you'll perform.

Tips for Effective Note Taking

Getting the most out of college means studying hard and using your time in class wisely. Make the most of your time in class and out with an effective note taking strategy.