Support Agencies

USF Counseling Center

The Counseling Center promotes students' psychological wellness and academic success by providing students high quality, culturally competent counseling, mental health education training and outreach in collaboration with the university community.

Center for Autism and Related Disabilities

The Center for Autism & Related Disabilities at USF is a community-based project that provides information and consultation to individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders and related disabilities. CARD-USF offers instruction and coaching to families and professionals through a training and assistance model.

Special Needs Shelter Program

Special Needs Shelter is a temporary emergency facility capable of providing care to residents whose medical condition exceeds the capabilities of the Red Cross Shelter but is not severe enough to require hospitalization.

Insurance Guide for Young Adults

Designed to help all young adults - including those with chronic health conditions or disabilities - identify, access, and maintain health insurance coverage that meets their needs.

Employment Resources and Self-Help Guide

Job seekers with disabilities information on the challenges of pursuing employment, along with an incredible list of resources and programs for obtaining employment.