If you do not have current medical documentation, print one of the verification forms below and have your doctor complete the form.


The Application for Accommodations and Services is used by students to apply for academic accommodations and services at USF. Students must supply disability documentation to SDS. SDS will contact students at their USF email account to set up an appointment to discuss eligibility. Application and documentation review process may take up to 10 business days to complete.

ADHD and Psychological

Guidelines and verification form to support ADHD or psychological accommodations

Learning Disability

Guidelines for a learning disability. Course Substitution Information - Students with documented disabilities may qualify for a course substitution. Applies only to the USF General Education requirements. To apply for a course substitution, the student must; be registered with SDS for accommodations, present documentation from a qualified medical provider that supports the request and present a completed SDS Petition for Course Substitution form.

Physical or Medical

Guidelines and verification form to support physical or medical accommodations

Hearing Loss

Guidelines and verification form to support hearing loss accommodations


Guidelines and verification form to support visual accommodations

Temporary Injury

Guidelines and verification form to support temporary injury accommodations

Electronic Text Material Request

Need your textbooks in alternative formats? Complete this form to request alternative text materials, but be proactive as every method takes upwards of 4 weeks to complete.

Voter Registration

SDS is proud to serve as a voter registration service site for the USF community. All community members are welcome to visit our office to update voter registration information or to register for the first time.