Undergraduate Studies Committees and Learning Pods Make Significant Contributions

appreciating contributions

Undergraduate Studies has enjoyed activities and events hosted by our internal committees. The Celebrations, Professional Development, and Diversity committees brought creative ways to involve the staff, introduced different culture's celebrations, and shared the career progressions of OneUSF Undergraduate Studies leaders. We are thankful for the committee members who have dedicated their time and energy to the planning and execution of these and so many other activities. The Undergraduate Studies staff were able to meet, connect, and build on current working relationships, as well as learn from one another.

As part of the Undergraduate Studies strategic planning process, six learning pods were created. These pods assisted in evaluating strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats from external and internal viewpoints. These teams made significant contributions to the ongoing strategic planning process.

Doing committee work and participation in the Learning Pods requires commitment and effort outside of normal work activities and the side benefit of contributing to the growth of the Undergraduate Studies community. We are grateful to the following staff for their meaningful contributions:

  • Academic Services/Tutoring: Zoraya Betancourt with Stryker Ebanks, CeCe Edwards, Kristen Gay, Frank Gresham, Timi Hager, Monica Quintero, Katie Sawyer, Bart Stucker
  • Celebrations: Zumaly Ramirez, Andrew Mason, Jessica Lauther, Carrie Blaustein, Merlina Glass
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion: Sarah Wray, Rahi Dayerizadeh, James Streeter, LaTosha Thomas, H. Jason Miller, Kydani Dover, Carlos Moreira, Carly Walters, Nazek Jawad, Alexis Mootoo, Alicia Savage
  • Focused Student Support: Wayne Taylor with LaTosha Thomas, Carlos Moreira, Christine Borgia, Sofia Gluskin, Chandra Davis, Kim Williams, Kristen Gay, Anthea Henderson, Jason Miller, Cheryl Anderson
  • Professional Development: Ray Cabrera with Andrew Mason, Anthea Henderson, Caroline Twachtman, Chantae Still, Cheryl Anderson, Kaitlin Sawyer, Nazek Jawad, Shaina Gonzalez, Stephen Darville, Summer Smith
  • Sustainability: Raheleh Dayerizadeh with Allyson Nixon, Adrienne Pollard, Merlina Glass, Parandoosh Sadeghinia, Nicholas Barnes, Victoria Weade, Jessica Lauther
  • Undergraduate Education: Caroline Twachtman with Nazek Jawad, Kristen Gay, Chantae Still, Ryan Hughes, Beth Taylor