Undergraduate Studies Spotlight

November 2022

Creating a Sense of Belonging in the Office of Veterans Success

Less than seven percent of the United States adult population currently serves in the U.S. military. When we think of special populations in higher education we may not...

October 2022
eaa photo

Taskforce to Promote Excellence in Academic Advising

The University of South Florida (USF) was invited to participate in the Excellence in Academic Advising (EAA) project in June 2019.  An initiative started by the John ...

September 2022

Upward bound

 TRiO Program Upward Bound was Renewed for the Next Five Years

Finishing it’s 56th year the Upward Bound Program (UBP) at the University of South Florida (USF) had its funding renewed for another five years. It will receive $824,000 a year to ... 


August 2022
Anthea and student

Academic Advocates Serve Students and the USF Community

"You helped me identify which obstacles I needed to overcome to clear my holds, receive reimbursement, and be reinstated for bright futures. I am grateful for your willingness  ... e

July 2022

Ace Team

Summer Academics are Thriving in the Office of Undergraduate Studies

“This group is full of spark and big personalities!” said Tony Delgado, assistant dean, Academic Inclusion with the Office of Undergraduate Studies (UGS) who is leading ...


June 2022

Naval ROTC Celebration

USF Naval ROTC Celebrates 20th Anniversary and Change of Command

This year is the 20th anniversary of the USF Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps unit (NROTC). On April 27th, at the USF Corbett Soccer Stadium, the NROTC celebrated ... 


May 2022

 may spotlight

Student Organization Creates a Space for Black Student-Athletes to Connect, Support, and Lead

In the spring of 2020, there was much happening in our society to remind us that we continue to have racial inequalities and senseless violence against black indivi... 

April 2022

april spotlight

Undergraduate Studies Celebrates Office Updates

Signs, painting, and more! The Facilities Management Design & Construction team including Elizabeth Clifford, Chris Marin, Daniel Eger, and Gabe Albert pulled together many facility ...

March 2022

ugs team

Welcome, to recently hired staff members and a new department to Undergraduate Studies!

Undergraduate Studies (UGS) had its first UGS Orientation! Twice a year Undergraduate Studies will host a UGS Orientation for recently hired staff. These Orientations will pro...


February 2022


Undergraduate Studies Committees and Learning Pods  Make Significant Contributions 

Undergraduate Studies has enjoyed activities and events hosted by our internal committees. The Celebrations, Professional Development, and Diversity commit...


January 2022

transfer student week
Transitions and Academic Growth: An Undergraduate Studies Pillar

Academic student support is vital to ensure students are learning the skills and receiving the guidance they need to reach the next level of their education. Undergraduate Stud...


December 2021

asc teams

OneUSF Tutoring and Writing: Supporting Students Academic Success

The Tutoring and Writing teams from the three USF campuses always have students’ best interests in mind as they collaborate and coordinate services. This passion for ser... 


November 2021

Academic EnrichmentUndergraduate Education will identify gaps in service where students would benefit from supplemental programs

In the last six months, Undergraduate Studies has reorganized with four pillars, or core areas, of the unit. One of the pillars is Undergraduate Education and will be restruc...


October 2021

Wayne and ReneeUSF Ed.D. Doctoral Candidates Lead the Carnegie Project on the Education Doctorate Scholarly Practitioner Alliance 

“You need a village for your doctoral program!” expressed Lan Renee Amboy-Biller, instructor, Undergraduate Studies. She started her Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) pro...

September 2021

Office of Veterans Success Centers of Excellence grantFederal Grant Will Enhance Support Services for USF’s Student Veterans

Shifting to university life after experiencing the regimen and structure of military life can prove to be quite the challenge for veterans enrolled as students at the University of...

August 2021

Academic Advocate with StudentAcademic Support and Engagement through Undergraduate Studies programs.

Undergraduate Studies (UGS) is here to support and enhance the student experience from pre-college to college and beyond. We want to ensure students have the tools they need ...

July 2021

bgs bsas imageBachelor’s of General Science Graduates it’s 1000th Student Spring 2021!

Academic Programs in Undergraduates Studies hosts the Bachelor of General Science (BGS) and Bachelor of Science in Applied Science (BSAS). These Baccalaureate programs are ... 

June 2021

Academic AdvocateOneUSF Guiding Students from Academic Distress to Graduation

“I cannot even begin to explain! Because of you, I have made it this far.” These sentiments from a grateful student who received assistance from the Office of Academic Advo... 

May 2021

spotlight graphicSpring 2021 Graduates are Commisioned as Military Officers

At the beginning of May 2021, commissioning ceremonies will be held for 87 USF Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) cadets and midshipmen. With this time-honored trad...

April 2021

upward boundUpward Bound Shifts the Way it Provides Services During the Pandemic

Investing in the community is the work of the Upward Bound (UB) Program. This USF program has been assisting high school students from five local high schools develop... 

March 2021

Academic ServicesAcademic Services, Athletics Guides Student Athletes To Graduation

“Someone is always around with a helping hand and motivating me to do better in classes. The consistent positivity is a valuable resource to us,” said Tyrone Barber, a football stu...

February 2021

OUR researchUndergraduate Research Connects Faculty, Students, and Research

The Office of Undergraduate Research’s (OUR) mission is to transform students into scholars who make an original contribution to their own discipline or across dis...

January 2021

asc screenshotAcademic Success Center Assists Students as they Navigate Virtual Learning

Tutoring and academic support is vital in helping students progress through their university experience. During the Fall 2020 semester the Academic Success Center (ASC), Tam...

November 2020

ovs honor john cranstonThe Office of Veteran Success Celebrates Student Veterans at USF

From November 9 -13, USF and the Office of Veteran Success (OVS) honored its veterans with a weeklong Veterans Week Celebration. The event, “We March as One” celebrates...

October 2020

wall of fameThe Office of Transfer Student Success Celebrates Successes

The Office of Transfer Student Success (OTSS) celebrated several exciting milestones in October, receiving a distinguished award, hosting a weeklong student event and re....


wall of fameThe Exploratory Curriculum Provides Unique Experiences for New Students

The Exploratory Curriculum (ECM) serves first-time-in-college students less than 36 college credits searching for their best fit major across the consolidated campuses. Over t....

August 2020

SSS workshopStudent Support Services Renews Grant

Student Success Services (SSS) has received $1.7 million to fund the program for the next five years. SSS is designed to support traditionally underrepresented students in h...