UGS Committees

Celebrations Committee

The Celebrations Committee is a group of students and staff from across all offices within UGS. We envision a unit in which employees connect, collaborate, and celebrate one another and their accomplishments within a caring cohesive community. Our mission is to create a culture of celebration and appreciation by forging and strengthening relationships, recognizing personal and professional achievements, and providing opportunities for community and engagement.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee works together to identify the best messaging for our audiences whether students, faculty, or staff. Determine what students need to hear from us, d how they want to receive it, and recommend new solutions to reach out and promote services. In addition, the group experience will build on current marketing and communication skills.

Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee’s mission is to embrace uniqueness, similarities, and differences by promoting events and programs to foster a community of diversity and inclusion.  We value an inclusion of diverse ideas, perspectives, abilities, and identities.  We support a community of collaborative partners in and out of UGS to support shared goals.  Furthermore, we facilitate learning opportunities in a respectful, professional environment.  Fundamentally, we recognize that diversity is a key factor in student success.  The Diversity Committee is for all employees in the Undergraduate Studies unit, and we are excited to partner with colleagues across ONE USF.  Please reach out to Rahi Dayerizadeh or Sarah Wray, co-chairs, if you would like to join or partner.

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee (ProfDev) provides opportunities for learning, personal development, and professional growth, beyond the minimum training required for student success professionals. The committee will also provide a forum for student success professionals across campuses to share conference or poster presentations, graduate research, campus or community engagement work, or technical skills of particular interest. Canvas information site will be available soon.