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Councils and Committees

Academic Regulations Committee
The Academic Regulations Committee (ARC) petition process occurs at the College level. Students using this process should contact and submit the relevant documentation to the Academic Regulations Committee (ARC) representative in the college of their declared major. It is the student's responsibility to obtain, complete and submit all documentation required by this process.

Council on Academic Advising
The Council on Academic Advising (CAA) is a University of South Florida body that provides coordinated leadership, guidance, and representation for the University's undergraduate academic advising community from all three campuses.

Ethics & Integrity Council
The USF Ethics and Integrity Council serves in an advisory capacity to the President of the University, as well as to the Provost and Vice President for Student Success on policies, procedures and practices affecting students' academic integrity, ethical development, and respect for the global community at the University of South Florida.

General Education Council
The General Education Council is a standing council of the USF Faculty Senate responsible for the ongoing development, implementation, and assessment of an effective general education program.

Undergraduate Council
The Undergraduate Council is a standing council of the USF Faculty Senate responsible for recommending to the President, Provost, and the Dean of Undergraduate Studies and reporting to the Faculty Senate on matters pertaining to undergraduate courses, curricula, institutional programs, and degrees of the University.