Undergraduate Council



The Undergraduate Council is a standing council of the USF Faculty Senate and receives authority for its actions through that body.


The Undergraduate Council is responsible for recommending to the President, Provost, and the Dean of Undergraduate Studies and reporting to the Faculty Senate on matters pertaining to undergraduate courses, curricula, institutional programs, and degrees of the University. Responsibilities include periodic evaluation of academic policy and existing or proposed programs. The Council shall advise the President, the Provost, and the Dean of Undergraduate Studies on the development of future undergraduate programs at the University and shall aid them in developing, reviewing and updating the University's statement of academic goals and objectives.

Operating Procedures

The council shall develop its own operating procedures, subject to approval by the Provost which shall include:

  1. Provision of appropriate liaison with various levels of university administration and other appropriate university councils and standing committees.
  2. Provision for review of proposals for adoption and deletion of curricula, degrees, programs, divisions and undergraduate departments.
  3. Provision for a continuing evaluation of the total university's undergraduate academic program.


  1. Membership shall consist of one faculty representative from each college or unit with voting representation in the Faculty Senate; one additional faculty representative from any college having more than 250 full-time faculty members; a third faculty representative from any college having more than 400 full-time faculty members; plus two members-at-large.

    Faculty members of the council will be appointed for staggered three-year terms, with one third retiring each year. Members may serve two consecutive terms, after which they must retire from the council for one full year before seeking re-appointment.
  2. Three undergraduate students to be appointed for one-year terms; may be reappointed.
  3. Registrar (ex-officio and nonvoting) or designee.
  4. Chair of the Undergraduate Council from the preceding year (ex-officio and nonvoting).
  5. Dean of Undergraduate Studies (ex-officio and nonvoting).
  6. Chair of the General Education Council (ex officio and nonvoting).


Nominees will submit nomination forms to the Committee on Committees of the Faculty Senate which will review each nominee. The members of this council will be appointed by the Faculty Senate President upon recommendation from the Faculty Senate.


Chair shall be elected from the three faculty members in their final year of term of service. In the event no final year person is willing to accept the chair, it may be offered to a second-year faculty member.



Charge Change Faculty Senate: 4/13/83
Revised: 7/1/85; 8/27/86; 8/23/99
Membership Change: 9/93 - Revised: 8/99 - Revised 10/15

Date of adoption:09/29/93
Date of last revision: 01/20/99; 01/22/03; 02/20/08; 08/11 (new appointment process); 11/11 membership section revised); 05/12 (responsibilities revised); 10/15 (removed USFSP representative)