About Us


Academic Advising & Tracking
Undergraduates Studies (UGS) partners with colleges and administrative areas across the university to enhance student success through academic advising and tracking.

Academic Advocacy
The Office of Academic Advocacy (OAA) is dedicated to serving undergraduate students in their pursuit of timely progression to graduation. We work individually with students in academic distress to review their options and we collaborate with academic departments, colleges and university personnel to improve retention and progression to graduation. Our initiatives include Freshman Retention, Withdrawal Limit Notification, Progression Concerns, and Graduation Concerns. These and other outreach initiatives are designed to get students the information they need to make appropriate academic decisions or utilize appropriate institutional resources.

Academic Foundations Course
Academic Foundations (SLS 2901) is a three-credit, discussion-based introductory seminar designed to facilitate students' successful acclimation to the university, development of academic strategies, and exploration of careers and majors. The course aims to prepare students for a successful college experience, and provides students with the necessary knowledge and experiences to be academically and personally success at USF.

Campus Conversations
The university-wide Campus Conversations seeks to unite students from across disciplines by inviting them to explore a common theme.

Credit When It's Due
The Credit When It's Due (CWID) initiative is funded by six foundations and is supporting 15 states to develop reverse transfer programs and policies. Reverse transfer enables students to receive an associate's degree when students meet associate's degree requirements after transfer to a 4-year college or university.  Eleven Florida state colleges and four universities including USF formed regional partnerships to pilot reverse transfer processes.

Global Citizens Project
The Global Citizens Project is a university-wide initiative aimed at preparing you to succeed in today's interconnected world.

ROTC Living Learning Community
A joint program of the JMLC and USF Housing and Residential Education, the ROTC LLC is truly "Joint" as is our Armed Forces. Residents are members of all three (Army, Naval and Air Force) ROTC programs. The LLC House Calls program features visits by an ROTC instructor to talk informally with the LLC residents about their military careers and experiences with an open Q & A session.

SMART Lab & Writing Studio
The Science, Math, and Research Technology Lab or SMART Lab is equipped with 324 computer workstations to provide a hands-on learning space geared toward improving student performance in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) related coursework.

The Writing Studio at the University of South Florida encourages students to engage in writing as a process through brainstorming, drafting, and discussing their work. The Writing Studio seeks to provide a safe and open space for the university community to strengthen their writing skills through experimentation, engaged discussion, and practice.

Student-Athlete Specialized Learning Services
The Specialized Learning Services (SLS) Program provides enhanced, individualized support through intrusive, supplemented tutoring and mentoring for student-athletes who have specialized learning needs.

Student Support Services Summer Program
The residential summer program ensures that students acquire the necessary college survival skills which are crucial to academic and personal success. The program has a required, six-week experience which includes an extensive orientation, an eight to twelve-hour summer course curriculum, and a series of college survival seminars.

TECO Cohorts
Undergraduate Studies works in concert with the School of Public Affairs to deliver Public Administration and Leadership Studies coursework to the cohorts of TECO employees. The School of Public Affairs provides instructors, while Undergraduate Studies provides admissions help, scheduling of courses, academic advising, and other miscellaneous services.

Undergraduate Research and Arts Colloquium
The Undergraduate Research and Arts Colloquium provides a venue for undergraduate students in all disciplines to present their current research and receive feedback from research mentors and peers.

Veteran Success Course
The Strategies for Veteran Success course (SLS 3407) is a popular course among Veterans, with Dr. Larry Braue, Director of Veterans Services, providing instruction for the course. Two sections of the course are held each academic year—one in the fall and the other in spring.