For Faculty

Course Proposals and Syllabus Guidelines

Course Proposals

The integrated USF Course Proposal site is used by faculty from across the USF to propose new courses or changes to existing courses. The site contains resources for faculty proposing courses, a database where all proposals (current and archived) can be tracked, and a the dashboard where faculty can propose their course(s). The USF Course Proposal site can be accessed here.

Effective July 6, 2018, The USF Academic Leadership Council (SALC) approved to temporarily suspend action on all proposed curricular additions and changes that are non-essential to USF consolidation, required by accreditation, and/or responsive to documented workforce needs. This temporary suspension applies to the development and revision of individual courses, with the exception of new courses proposed for replacement of selected/special topics courses and Tampa's Enhanced General Education Program. If you have a selected/special topics course that requires conversion to a permanent number, please note this in the Justification section of the course proposal. Please direct any questions to Cynthia Brown Hernandez (cynthiab, Associate Director, ODS, USF Academic Planning.

Syllabus Guidelines

Every scheduled academic course, regardless of delivery method (e.g., on campus, online), must have a written syllabus distributed to students enrolled in the course. Information on required syllabus components plus downloadable templates can be found here.