High impact practices (HIPs) are engaging, experiential learning activities that, when done well, appear to engage students at levels that elevate their performance across multiple measures such as persistence (Kuh, 2008). High-impact practices can help students develop skills such as communication, problem solving, and critical thinking that are essential in the workplace and that transfer to a wide range of settings (Inside Higher Ed). 

The office of High Impact Practices and Undergraduate Research or HIPUR (pronounced hipper) serves as a hub connecting students with high impact practices across the university. The HIPUR staff are dedicated to the university goal of conducting high-impact research and innovation to advance frontiers of knowledge, solve global problems and improve lives. As an office within Undergraduate Studies, HIPUR also supports the Undergraduate Studies mission of empowering students to proactively address challenges and connect communities. 

Whether you are interested in conducting undergraduate research, learning to be a global citizen, or finding other opportunities to participate in high impact educational practices, the HIPUR office is here to help! Please visit us in LIB 210 or email us at

The HIPUR Office is undergoing construction updates. Our office has temporarily moved to the Student Services Building (SVC 2002). To schedule an appointment, please email: We sincerely thank you for your patience and cooperation.

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