HIP Awards

Currently, the HIPUR Office presents students with two types of high impact practice (HIP) awards: The Global Citizen Award and the Undergraduate Research Award.


The GCA is a fun and flexible way for USF undergraduate students to develop the qualities of a global citizen and be rewarded for their accomplishments. Students earn the award by completing a personalized adventure that includes globally engaged activities of their choosing.

You can learn more and register for the GCA course on this page.


The USF Scholar Award recognizes a student’s commitment to their development as a researcher during their undergraduate tenure. Award recipients will be recognized by the Office of High Impact practices and Undergraduate Research on our Student Spotlight page and receive a certificate commemorating their achievement. 

Undergraduate Research Award Requirements

  1. Students must present unique research at two undergraduate research conferences hosted by the HIPUR office. These must be two different years. Presenting the same or different research at a campus in-person showcase and the OneUSF virtual conference in the same year will not count as two conferences.

  2. Attend one undergraduate research conference not hosted by the HIPUR office. Students are strongly encouraged to attend a non-USF research event if possible to meet this requirement. If finances are a factor, then students can attend another USF research event not hosted by the HIPUR office.

  3. Attend the HIPUR Research Readiness bootcamp.

  4. Complete 40 hours of service to the HIPUR office in research related activities (Examples include helping with the annual undergraduate research conference, mentoring a first-time research conference presenter after having presented at least once, volunteering at another USF research conference)

  5. Meet with the Office of National Scholars (ONS) to map out how winning competitive awards relies on research output. We recommend your doing this as early as possible to receive the greatest benefit.

  6. Apply to a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU). While the goal is to be accepted to the REU, acceptance is not a requirement.