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The office of High Impact Practices and Undergraduate Research is committed to helping all students access and engage with high impact educational practices. We recognize the disparate experiences of historically underserved students and actively work to reduce these disparities. In this section, students will find aggregated resources that will help them succeed as USF and beyond. These resources include links to scholarships, university support services, and peer communities. If you have suggestions for additional resources or find a link that needs to be updated, please send us an e-mail.

Research Pitch Competition  September 8, 2022 - $5,000 Prize

EBC Student Research Seminar 2022 – Learn About Research Opportunities, Funding Competition, and FREE FOOD

On September 8th, the Engineering Biology Core is hosting an event on the 7th floor of ISA between 7:00pm and 8:30pm to share information on how to get involved with research as a student at USF. The event is also to showcase research projects that have been funded in the past, and present ways for students to get involved with the organization.

Since 2020, over $45,000 has been distributed to students who have started research projects in STEM. Past projects have ranged in topics from biomedical and electrical engineering to molecular biology, and students who have been a part of these projects have presented at national conferences, participated in business pitch competitions, and worked on scientific manuscripts for publication.

The event on the 8th will provide students with details on the start of the school year project pitch competition, where $5000 will be given to an individual to start a research project, as well as other funding opportunities that will be present throughout the 22/23 school year.

There will also be Greek food catered, available to event attendants free of charge.


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