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USF Army Cadet Studying Russian in Narva, Estonia with Project Global Officer (GO)

stormy lindsay

- Army ROTC Alumnae Stormy Lindsay was in Narva, Estonia to study Russian in a program funded by Project Global Officer (GO).  She at the time recently completed her second year of Army ROTC at USF, was a Criminology major and has just successfully compled Russian I and II.

- After learning about Project GO from a fellow cadet and looking into various programs offered, she applied for and was accepted by University of Pittsburgh to participate in their Russian language program at Narva College at the University of Tartu in Narva, Estonia.

- She wrote and shared her experiences with photos in a blog during her 8 weeks in Estonia. Her goal was to encourage and inform other ROTC students about Project GO through her own experiences and to inform the general population about one of the unique opportunities that ROTC students can participate in.

- Check out her blog and see what it is like to learn the Russian language while living and studying in Narva, Estonia.  

USF Naval ROTC Midshipman Studying Chinese in Shanghai with Project GO

tea with tutor

- Midshipman Logan Woods studied Chinese in Shaghai, Peoples Republic of China in a program funded by Project GO with Boston University. MIDN Woods is a fourth year Naval ROTC Midshipman and Marine Option student.

- He also shared his experiences and photos in a blog during the summer of 2018. 


 USF Air Force ROTC Cadet Studying Russian in Narva, Estonia with Project GO

- In the summer of 2018, Air Force Cadet Connor Dunn participated in the same Project GO program as Stormy Lyndsay with University of Pittsburgh to study in Russian in Estonia.

connor dunn in estonia

- He also shared his experiencees and photos in a blog.

To can find out more information about Project GO including how to apply to their programs click here