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Project Global Officer (GO)

About Project Global Officer

russian blackboard

Studying Russian in Estonia.

- Project Global Officer (Project GO) is a Department of Defense (DoD) initiative aimed at improving the language skills, regional expertise, and intercultural communication skills of future military officers.

- Project GO is a collaborative initiative that promotes critical language education, study abroad, and intercultural dialogue opportunities for Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) students. Project GO programs focus on the languages and countries of the Middle East, Asia, Central Asia, Africa, and South America.

- As a DoD funded program, Project GO provides scholarship opportunities for ROTC students to study one of the Department of Defense (DOD) designated critical languages. At USF, these languages are Arabic, Chinese and Russian.

- USF ROTC students can apply to participate in Project GO funded programs at other U.S. institutions of higher learning that sponsor domestic and overseas ROTC language and culture training.

yellow mountains

Project GO Naval ROTC midshipman visiting the Yellow Mountains of China.

Benefits for Students

- Receive a fully funded scholarship for critical language study.

- Qualify for language proficiency bonus pay.

- Open pathways to career opportunities that require language and area studies.

- Earn university credits and fulfill language requirements.

For additional information, go to the Project GO website.