Frequenty Asked Questions

ROTC Lifestyle

Are there specific dorms that I must live in for NROTC?

As a Naval ROTC student, take advantage of the opportunity to live with like-minded students in the ROTC Living Learning Community.  You will build strong camaraderie with your neighbors, receive peer mentor support, and gain a better understanding and appreciation for the culture and capabilities of each military service.  Our residents are pleasantly surprised when they arrive on campus and move into their new suite style room in Maple Hall just three minutes from C.W. Bill Young Hall where their ROTC classes are held.

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How much time will I spend each week toward Naval ROTC commitments?

Students should expect to spend about 10-11 hours per week with the NROTC unit.

Physical Training twice a week (3 hours total)
Naval Science class twice a week (75 minutes each = 2.5 hours total)
Naval Science Lab twice a week (75 minutes each = 2.5 hours total)
Drill Practice once per week (1 hour)
Remedial PT, if required (1-2 hours) 

Do I have to wear my uniform every single day?

Uniform is worn on Tuesdays/Thursdays or when otherwise specified for battalion-related activities.

What type of academic assistance is provided to NROTC students?

A tutor is provided to assist students with calculus and physics coursework at no cost to the student.  There is also a computer lab and lounge strictly dedicated to ROTC students in the C.W. Bill Young Hall building on campus.

Are Navy ROTC and Marine Corps ROTC separate programs?

No, both Marine and Navy option midshipmen are integrated into the same unit.  There are some differences in required coursework/labs, but students take many of the same Naval Science classes, participate in many extracurricular activities together, etc.

What is the size of the unit?

~70 MIDN, Officer Candidates (OCs), and MECEPs. MECEPs are prior enlisted Marines and OCs are prior enlisted sailors who were selected to receive a commission upon graduation from the university.  These battalion members are a great source of wisdom and mentorship as they have served in critical national security missions, including Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

What classes should I schedule my first semester?

Midshipmen should follow the prescribed degree plan for their intended major and ensure they are enrolled in the appropriate Naval Science course (NSC 1110 for entering freshmen) and Naval Science labs (NSC 1101L-001 for all students, NSC 1101L-002 for Marine options and NSC 1101L-003 for Navy options). They should also take into account any academic requirements determined by their scholarship status. 

Can I play sports while participating in NROTC?

Yes, allowances can be made for midshipmen to participate in university athletics.