Frequenty Asked Questions


How do I get an NROTC Scholarship Application form?

At  You can also call 1-800-USA-Navy and request an NROTC scholarship application be sent in the mail.

What does the scholarship cover/not cover?

When is the scholarship application deadline?

Applications may be submitted from 1 April until 31 December for the following academic year. Completed applications will be processed as they are received. Notifications of selection can start as early as September.

What is the service commitment time after graduation?

After receiving a Commission, Navy students are obligated to serve a minimum 5-years of active military service, however some communities require longer commitments. Marine options are obligated to serve 4 years after Commissioning.

What is the obligation incurred by incoming freshmen when they join the program?

Scholarship students have one year and College Program students have two years to experience the NROTC program before they have to decide whether to remain in the program and incur the obligation, or to leave the program without obligation.

What careers are available to me in the Navy or Marine Corps upon graduation and commissioning from NROTC at USF?

Through the Naval ROTC (NROTC) program, we commission students into the Navy and Marine Corps as front line officers e.g., surface ship officers, submarine officers, pilots, Navy SEAL officers, infantry officers, etc. The careers available to students commissioning into the Navy are detailed here and the careers available to students commissioning into the Marine Corps are detailed here.

Notably, we do not offer medical careers through the NROTC program at USF. Additional information about becoming a nurse through the NROTC program is available here.

Does the Navy pay for room and board?

No, USF does not cover the cost of room and board. However, there are additional scholarship opportunities offered at the University of Tampa to help cover the cost of room and board.

If I don’t receive a 4-year scholarship, can I still attend USF and eventually receive a scholarship or a commission in the USN or the USMC?

Students who do not get selected for a National NROTC Scholarship can still apply to be a part of the unit as a College Program student. For more information on our College Program, please visit