Bachelor of General Studies

Complete Florida

Complete Florida

Complete Florida is a legislatively-funded initiative designed to recruit, recover and retain Florida's adults with some college credit and no degree. The major project objectives associated with this project include:

1. Increase educational attainment at the associates and bachelors level for the adult learner population in Florida aligning programs to the findings of the Florida Board of Governors Commission on Educational Access and Attainment and Labor Market Data.

2. Implement high quality programs through partnerships with institutions in the Florida College System, State University System and Independent Colleges and Universities.

3. Fully online programs will use innovative strategies including accelerated learning models, competency-based models and personalized services to support adult learners that will support persistence toward degree and student success.

4. Retain students to completion through significant support and advising and connect to jobs in Florida.

The following BGS online concentrations supports our returning adult student population in partnership with Complete Florida:

Criminal Justice 

Information Studies: Information Architecture

Public Administration

Public Health

Find out more about Complete Florida's degree programs: 

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