Bachelor of General Studies


What is a Bachelor of General Studies degree?

USF's Bachelor of General Studies Degree (BGS) is a customized, interdisciplinary degree that allows you to choose an academic program that fits your educational and professional goals. The BGS program empowers you to complete your bachelor's degree while maintaining your busy lifestyle. Rather than choosing a traditional major, you can choose from a variety of concentrations, including several online options. Concentrations are between 24 - 27 credits, including your core courses, electives, and a capstone. 


What can I do with a Bachelor of General Studies degree?

Most students enrolled in the BGS program are currently employed full time and need to earn a degree to advance in their careers. Various career opportunities are available for all students who earn a bachelor's degree. 


I am currently enrolled at USF and making good progress.  Is the Bachelor of General Studies degree for me?

The Bachelor of General Studies supports new transfer students who have at least 60 credits and a gap in education of 3 to 5 years. The typical student has left college at some point, is currently employed and wishes to advance their careers or gain a sense of personal accomplishment. Students currently enrolled at USF and are meeting satisfactory academic progress are not eligible for this program and are encouraged to continue their current path or complete a traditional degree. 


I am doing well in my current program at USF and will graduate this semester. Can I get the BGS degree in addition to my current major?

No. If you are progressing satisfactorily toward your current bachelor degree, you are not eligible for a Dual Degree.


I completed a capstone course in a different degree program. Am I required to take the BGS capstone?

All students enrolled in the BGS program are required to complete IDS 4934, Senior BGS Capstone.


How many credits should I take per semester?

Take 15 credits every semester and graduate in 2 years. That's the formula for success. You'll reduce debt, accelerate your graduation and launch your career. 


Will this degree prepare me for graduate school?

Student's who've graduated with a BGS degree have been admitted to various graduate level programs. If you are interested in graduate education, please contact the Office of Graduate Studies. 


I already have a bachelor's degree. Am I eligible for a second bachelor's degree with the BGS program?

Students may not pursue the Bachelor of General Studies as a second major, second degree, or second baccalaureate degree. Baccalaureate degree holders who wish to pursue further education are encouraged to pursue admission to a graduate degree program.