Bachelor of General Studies

Current USF Students

Admissions Process for Current USF Students (non BGS majors)

While students who are currently enrolled in USF classes and are making good academic progress are not eligible for this degree option, any exceptions due to excess hours or program redirection will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Current USF students requesting to change their major to the Bachelor of General Studies should meet with their current college advisor first. A referral will be made to Major Reselection in Undergraduate Studies to explore alternate options. Any students referred directly to BGS will require a referral form. 

Deadlines for admission to BGS for currently enrolled USF students will always be the last Friday of drop /add week. BGS reserves the right decline any applicants that do not meet the eligibility requirements listed below.

In order to be admitted into the Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) program as an exception, internal students must:

Admissions Process

Step 1: Obtain a referral from a current academic advisor or a Major Reselection advisor. Students will review all traditional program options available at USF. A meeting with Career Services may also prove helpful in choosing the most appropriate degree program.

Step 2: Review and select an appropriate concentration

Step 3: Schedule appointment with BGS advisor using eScheduler (be sure to choose Undergraduate Studies as the "Area."). Please be sure to complete our intake form to maximize your appointment time. If you are a good match for this program, the advisor will provide you with a link to declare the new major.

Step 4: Students will be notified of final decisions via email.

Email the advising team at should you have questions about eligibility.

NOTE: The deadline for current student applications is on the Friday of Drop/Add week.

For Advisors

The Academic Advisor assigned to work with these students is:

Joseph Chambers


*Advisors should submit appropriate referrals for current USF students through Archivum.