Exploratory Curriculum

Schedule an Appointment

Appointment times and delivery format my vary by campus. If you are having trouble making an appointment at any campus, email ecmadvise@usf.edu.


  • ECM Arts & Humanities (EAH)                                                                                                              Topher Mowry at cmowry@usf.edu 
  • ECM Business (ECB)                                                                                                                                  Elaine Giles at elainegiles@usf.edu 
  • ECM Global & Social Sciences (EGS)                                                                                                      Cristyne Ramirez at cristyner@usf.edu 
  • ECM Health & Natural Sciences (EHN)                                                                                            Samantha Bell at Sabell3@usf.edu 
  • ECM Math-Technology-Engineering (EMT)                                                                                        Topher Mowry at cmowry@usf.edu 


  • ECM Arts & Humanities (EAH) and Global & Social Sciences (EGS)
    Sheila Goethe at goethe@usf.edu

  • ECM Business (ECB)                                                                                                                                  Tina Santoro at tinarsantoro@usf.edu 
  • ECM Health & Natural Sciences (EHN)
    Steven Bird at sdb1@usf.edu  
  • ECM Math-Technology-Engineering (EMT)
    Amanda Timmers-Bonvallet at atimmers@usf.edu

  • To make an appointment with your St. Pete campus ECM advisors, CLICK HERE

For Tampa Campus Students

  • Use Archivum
  • College: Undergraduate Studies
  • Major: Any one of the five exploratory pathways (EAH, ECB, EGS, EHN, EMT).
  • ECM Tampa is offering in-person, virtual TEAMS, and phone appointment services
  • If you are not a current exploratory student, just select any track and in the notes, please describe your situation and what you are hoping to discuss.
  • ECM offers walk-in advising services on Wednesdays only from 9am-11am and 1pm-4pm in SVC2002. This is the only time you can meet an ECM advisor without an Archivum appointment. For Spring 2023, this will start on 1/11/23 and end on 5/10/2023.

For ALL Appointments:

  • Be sure you have access to DegreeWorks on your appointment.
  • Please leave the phone number you want to be contacted at in the appointment request.

Please Note:

  • ECM is for freshmen students with under 36 credit hours. All USF students must declare a major at 36 credit hours.
  • The students we serve are degree-seeking students, who have either reserved or completed Orientation.