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Meet Your ECM Advisors


Madeline Corona, ECM advisor

Madeline Corona, MPA (She/Her/Hers)

Madeline Corona comes to USF from Salt Lake City, Utah where she spent the last 15 years assisting students in major and career exploration, and helping those in academic difficulty to navigate the higher education experience. She also worked closely with underrepresented students such as first generation, low income, students from diverse backgrounds, and students with disabilities. She believes all students deserve the same opportunity to reach not only their academic and educational goals but also their lifelong goals.

Madeline has a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies and Communications Media and a Master of Public Administration with Emphasis in Higher Education Administration from Southern Utah University. She also has some coursework done in Law from the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, School of Law.

She loves musicals, theatre, movies, long walks in the great Florida weather, exploring nature, and eating at good restaurants.



Topher Mowry advisor picture

ECM Arts & Humanities (EAH)                                                                                                       Topher Mowry at cmowry@usf.edu 

Mark and Victor advising picture

ECM Business (ECB)                                                                                                                            Mark Menezes at markmenezes@usf.edu and Victor Velasco at vavelasc@usf.edu 

Cristyne Ramirez advisor picture

ECM Global & Social Sciences (EGS)                                                                                          Cristyne Ramirez at cristyner@usf.edu 

Sheila Bagley advisor picture

ECM Health & Natural Sciences (EHN)                                                                                          Sheila Bagley at sheilabagley@usf.edu 

Topher Mowry advisor picture

ECM Math-Technology (EMG)                                                                                                        Topher Mowry at cmowry@usf.edu    


Sheila Goethe, M.A. at goethe@usf.edu

Sheila Goethe is a Coordinator of Advising for USFSP and advises for Undergraduate Studies. She is a member of The National Academic Advising Association and a USF alumnus. She has worked in Higher Education since 1987 and USF for over 25 years. In her tenure she has worked in various committees including: Academic Regulations Committee, Council for Academic Advisors and Southeastern Association of Colleges and Schools and the Undergraduate Council.


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