Exploratory Curriculum

Signature Events

The University of South Florida is proud to provide our ECM students with unique events that help them explore their academic and professional interests. If you are a prospective USF student still in high school and you would like to inquire about attending one of these events, please email ecmadvise@usf.edu.

Majors Expo

The Majors Expo is an annual event that occurs in October. The event brings advisors, faculty, students, alumni, employers, and community partners together to help students choose their academic pathway at USF.

Major Innovation 2021

In conjunction with the USF Center for Entrepreneurship, this event is designed to help students understand that creativity & innovation are an important part of all majors and careers. This event will introduce students to the concepts of creativity and innovation, discuss how to make money with innovation, and review the history of innovation in the Bay area.

ECM alumni panel

Former ECM students who are in their junior/senior year or recently graduated share their best tips for succeeding in college, choosing a major, and preparing for life after graduation.