Student Support Services

About SSS

The Student Support Services Program (SSS) is a federally funded program that provides comprehensive academic and personal support for a diverse student population to increase the retention and graduation rates of its participants.

Student Support Services is designed for students who have been identified as having an academic need and either first generation college student, as having low-income family status, or both. SSS is designed to significantly increase the retention and graduation rates of the 220 participants it is funded to serve. We are committed to providing proactive, intrusive, comprehensive and innovative services to enhance our student's success at USF. SSS provides a plethora of services including individualized academic advising, counseling, coaching, financial aid assistance, social and cultural enrichment programs, employment and workshops that broaden career perspectives, improve academic skills, promote self-confidence and address various non-cognitive factors.

Student Benefits

  • Admissions deposit fee waived for admitted students ($200 savings)
  • The summer program is free to all students who complete the 23/24 FAFSA and meet low-income requirements (tuition, housing, books, meals)
  • Receive personalized academic advising and counseling
  • Receive priority housing during summer, fall & spring
  • Receive priority registration for qualified students
  • Receive a head start on the fall curriculum by earning 9 credit hours during summer program
  • TRIO participants are offered access to free internet through Internet Essentials (using government funding for eligible households)
  • Enhance study-skills and problem solving
  • Explore career goals or major choice
  • Discover the campus and the surrounding Tampa Bay area
  • Make friends with other students before the fall semester

Contractual Agreement

Program participants are expected to abide by the SSS contractual agreement made upon their entrance to the institution. Following the guidelines has successfully benefited our students. An average of 90-95% have remained in good academic standing each year.

As a student in our program, you are responsible to maintain contact with your SSS counselor, participate in workshops, become a member of the S Club, utilize the SSS computer lab, and participate in program events and activities.

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