Forms & Information

SSS Application Forms

There are 4 forms required for application to the University of South Florida's SSS program. Please review the Summer Program Checklist below to ensure all necessary forms are completed.

Eligibility Assessment Form

Participation Agreement Form

Major Declaration & College Credit Form

The Student Support Services Program would like to know what major you plan to study while at USF. If you are undecided, to help you choose please visit Undergraduate Majors at: Also, in order to place you in the correct courses over the summer we need to know if you have taken any AP or college courses.

Parent Verification Worksheet

Summer Program Checklist

Please use this list to organize your application to the SSS Program

USF Orientation Instructions and Registration

Please allow 30 minutes to register online for USF Orientation. All incoming SSS participants are required to attend Orientation June 22 - 23, 2020 (USF Policy). In order to register for Orientation, you will need to know your major and have a computer and printer either at home or your high school.

Immunization History

The Student Support Services program requires that students live on campus during the first year of enrollment. USF requires specific immunizations in order to attend classes on campus and housing requires specific immunizations in order to live in the dorms. You MUST complete these immunizations prior to your arrival at USF. Please visit the Student Health Services website to complete the immunization form.