Upward Bound

Application Checklist

  1. Completed UBP application with both student and parent signatures. Please complete an Online Application.
  2. Progress Report Signed By Instructors
  3. SIGNED copy of prior year 1040 tax return listing child as dependent with taxable income listed (usually line 10). If  a tax return was not filed, a Financial Form can be submitted with other proof of income i.e., Social Security/ Retirement benefits, TANF, Food Stamps, Veterans Benefits, etc. (NOT acceptable: W2 or pay stubs) .
  4. School Summary with grades, test scores, attendance, and behavior (UB may request this from the school counselor on your behalf).
  5. Provide Social Security Number or Permanent Resident number upon request. (See USF Policy: SSN -USF ID Appropriate Use-Policy 0-516 for information on SSN collection and usage.