Upward Bound

Application Checklist

  1. Completed UBP application with both student and parent signatures. You can complete an Online Application or fill out, save, and print a paper version. (Application in PDF English or Application in PDF Spanish).
  2. Evaluation Form submitted by a school counselor (School Counselor Evaluation Form).
  3. Evaluation Form submitted by a school staff member (Staff Member Evaluation Form - preferred but not required).
  4. Current transcript listing course grades, GPA, attendance, conduct, and FCAT/FSA reading and math scores. A Student Permanent Record Summary Worksheet is acceptable. The latest report card may also be required.
  5. SIGNED copy of prior year 1040 or 1040A INCOME TAX RETURN (pgs. 1 & 2) listing child as dependent. If  a tax return was not filed, a Financial Form can be submitted with other proof of income i.e., Social Security/ Retirement benefits, TANF, Food Stamps, Veterans Benefits, etc. (NOT acceptable: W2 or pay stubs) .
  6. Provide Social Security Number or Permanent Resident number upon request. (See USF System Policy 0-516 for information on SSN collection and usage.