Upward Bound


Why Donate?

The Upward Bound Program at USF assists low-income and potential first-generation college students gain admission to college. Current funding only allows 165 students from five Hillsborough County high schools to participate. These students face numerous economic and social hardships. Your donation will pay for scholarships and other academic resources for our hard working students. Your donation ensures that all students have the tools to succeed in high school and later in college.

What Makes the Program So Important?

For the past 47 years, Upward Bound has served over 2,500 students. Students who have completed Upward Bound are three times more likely to attain a Bachelor's degree than other low-income, first-generation students. Yearly, 85-100% of Upward Bound Program graduates enroll in a 4-year institution or  college immediately after high school graduation. The students receive personal help and assistance which they would not ordinarily  receive from the public school system. About 80% of high school dropouts are from low-income families. The program changes student lives.

Your Donation

Donations are utilized in the direct support of student needs and scholarships. Some of these are:

Dr. Richard F. Pride Scholarship Upward Bound Program Scholarship General Operating Funds

Upward Bound Program is a fully tax-exempt charitable organization to the extent allowed   by law.

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