Upward Bound


USF UBP has partnerships within the USF and surrounding community. Parents, alumni, an advisory board, college career partnerships, and numerous school and community organizations make up the UBP family.


Our Upward Bound Parent Association is active in planning activities, educating other parents, raising funds and scholarships, community service, and student advocacy.


Since 1966, thousands of Tampa Bay students have reached their educational and professional goals because of USF Upward Bound and TRiO. We want to hear from you and give you opportunities to be recognized, to advocate for your program, to volunteer at a TRiO event, to write an editorial, to contact your congressman, to present at a ceremony, and to join us as we celebrate fifty years of USF UBP.


Upward Bound partners with numerous USF colleges and departments to provide a complete college experience to our students as well as help the university reach their goals of college access and opportunity. We also have numerous business and organization partners who share the same vision.


USF UBP has served 3,000 students and continues to develop programming and curriculum to prepare our youth for college. We need your help to implement these initiatives. Please consider donating to the Upward Bound General Fund or the Dr. Richard Pride Scholarship.


Find out the latest news and events for Upward Bound and other TRiO programs.