Upward Bound

Parent Association Activities

The Parent Association (UBPA) is the official parent component of the USF Upward Bound Program. UBPA works with the Upward Bound staff in an advisory capacity to help build success for all students. We nurture and develop leadership among parents and provide experiential opportunities for them to apply their innovative programming. The UBPA is dedicated to meeting the academic, cultural, social, and financial needs of students enrolled in the program. UBPA is composed of all parents representing students from the five area high schools that we serve. UBPA members meet monthly to advocate for the success of Upward Bound and the development of healthy and competent children. We provide support services beyond those available within the education system. Parents collaborate through their network of resources to ensure a positive environment and high expectations. We nurture success for the next generation of Upward Bounders through proactive engagement.

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Upward Bound Parent Pledge

I am an Upward Bound Parent.
I am committed to helping my child succeed.
I will be involved in his education.
I am an Upward Bound Parent.
I am entrusted with my child's success.
I will attend parent-teacher conferences;
I will monitor my child's school attendance.
I am an Upward Bound Parent.
I will encourage my child to work to his potential.
I will support the goals of the Upward Bound Program.
I am an Upward Bound Parent.
I know that the sacrifices I make today
will prepare my child for the future.
I am an Upward Bound Parent.
My child has a plan: he is going to college.
He will make a difference in the world.