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What is the Zimmerman Advertising Program?

ZAP is a program designed for success-driven students who have an interest in marketing or advertising, who meet the requirements for the Bulls Business Network in the Muma College of Business and are also creative individuals. ZAP students gain real-world experience thanks to a strong internship program, where students have not one, but two to three internships required before they graduate. They also gain experience in the broader world, learning about international marketing and advertising programs as part of a study abroad trip. ZAP students enjoy special registration and advising opportunities, too. The program structure gives students something other universities in the area can't: two degrees in five years. Students in USF's ZAP program earn a bachelor's degree in business advertising and a master's degree in mass communications.

Each applicant will be reviewed for admission by the ZAP admissions committee. The program admits a limited number of students per year, making it very selective and competitive.

For the first year, ZAP students are required to live in a ZAP Living-Learning Community, where they will have the opportunity to tour advertising agencies in the Tampa Bay area, attend weekly programs and events, and also have exclusive advising and tutoring opportunities right inside their residence hall.

ZAP focuses specifically on each students' potential career, making it one of the most unique advertising program in the world. After completing two to three required internships, professional development programs and a study abroad experience, students graduate with portfolios filled with examples of their work and resumes including work experience that is second to none. ZAP is looking to educate the next generation of leaders in the advertising world.

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